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Discover Halkidiki.


Three peninsulas,  three different experiences: The cosmopolitan Kassandra, the enchanting Sithonia, the authentic Mount Athos. All three are blessed by nature, they are unique experiences that awaken the senses.


The land and the sea offer generous wonderful ingredients, which have shaped the local version of the traditional Mediterranean cuisine. The treasure trove of local products such as olives, virgin olive oil, honey, dairy, fish, wine, vegetables and fruits elevate the local gastronomic scene to the pinnacle of taste.


An intoxicating combination of blue and green˙ lush, green forests that reach the shore˙ golden light reflected in the turquoise waters˙ tradition that gives life to the rich gastronomic and cultural heritage and so many unexplored treasures compose this unique canvas, called Halkidiki.

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