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MAKO life.

Every day is a journey and the  journey itself is home.

MAKO life


Where the lush green of the trees meet the restless blue of the waves, MAKO is located.

In one of the most pristine areas, with some of the clearest sea waters in the world, Halkidiki, we wanted to create a place to feel deeply connected to nature and to the purity of the ocean, where indoors and outdoors co-exist seamlessly and where mind, soul and body prosper ideally.

Designed for adults, couples, solo travelers, but also for children, who seek to explore the deluxe Greek seaside living, MAKO offers elegant and serene accommodation in 14 rooms and suites, with a selection of endless sea-views, private pools or executive rooms with jacuzzi, all in front of the sea. The experience is enhanced in the 2-level Private Beach, our sea-viewing Swimming Pool, the Beach-Pool Bar, the numerous hidden private lounge corners and our à la carte modern Mediterranean restaurant 'Octo. Get the most out of MAKO by being always in motion: enjoy the tennis court, the massage nest, our water-sports station, the outdoor mini gym spot and explore the outstanding nature around.

All MAKO Guests enjoy free use of the private beach & pool areas, as well as free use of the sunbeds and umbrellas, free use of the tennis premises and equipment and priority and privileges for restaurant and activities reservations.


Inspired by the sea and dedicated to all the endangered species like the Mako Shark, 10% of all sales will be used for sustainability purposes and enviromental actions and initiatives.

7 seas org.

7 seas org is our Group of Volunteers, devoted to ocean conservation. 

When you are around, feel free to take part in our beach or underwater cleanups in Halkidiki. 

Join is on IG at 7seas_org.

Keep the Ocean, Ocean!



Pines trees that can reach right up to the water's edge, white sand, beautiful bays, crystal-clear waters, hidden coves.


What you will see? Turquoise water, dense pine forests, small coves with fish tavernas and cafes, magical beach bars, archaeological sites, traditional picturesque villages: a microcosm of miracles. Made to be explored with all your senses.


We wet the stage, you bring the vibe.

Our mindset is focused on creating sustainable spaces that reflect a true sense of place and fit organically into their natural surroundings.

We believe that design should serve as a bridge to connect nature, culture and people.


We have a profound respect for our land, our heritage and for our natural surroundings. What if we could bring back home a collection of thoughts and memories that empower, inspired broaden our life?

You are a traveler - You are an artist, able to witness outstanding beauty and share it with the world. Live the place with all your senses, touch and land, smell the waves and don not ignore the need to explore.

Activity choices with our trusted partners can be arranged on spot or before your arrival. 

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